If you’ve already begun your search for a wig, you may have found some online that don’t at all resemble natural-looking hair. While there are many cheap and nasty wigs available, there are also more premium and higher quality wigs that you can buy which are custom-made. But how can you be sure which are good and which are bad? Here’s my steps on finding a premium natural-looking custom-made wig…

Step 1 – Do Your Research First

First to find these premium custom-made wigs, you should look to find a wig designer that has good reputation and an impressive portfolio of photos that you’re able to see. Visit their Google My Business page on Google Maps and check out their reviews, this is always a good indictor on whether they can produce quality and a good service. If you’re happy with what other people have said, dig in a little further and visit their website.

Step 2 – Does the portfolio stand out?

The website should offer a portfolio of photos of wigs that they have produced from previous clients. Look at the quality but also the cut and colours they’ve used to see if they’re any good at styling. You don’t want to find one that can cut and dye the wig to match your facial shapes, features and tones. Rather one who is professionally trained in hair dressing and wig designing with their own legitimate salon.

Screenshot of Baguley's of Cheshire's portfolio of custom-made wigs for women

custom-made wigs for women, men and children but Baguley's of Cheshire

Step 3 – Do they use quality materials?

You should also read the content to see how they make their wigs and what materials they use. If you want your wig to be and look as natural as possible, it’s important that is made of the best premium products such as human hair and lace. What types of human hair do they offer? Remy hair is always a high-quality hair that many wig designers use and is known for its smoothness and durability. If they offer human hair wigs made with lace that can be custom made, your next step would be to look at the cost.

Step 4 – Is the cost worth it?

Typically, you can expect natural looking custom-made wigs to be more expensive than ready-to-wear ones made with synthetic fibres. However, the cost is usually justifiable in relation to how good and natural they look and also how long they last and keep for. It can be a great investment that can help with a hair loss without actually breaking the bank like some surgical options do such as hair transplanting. Although a custom-made wig can cost anywhere from £300 to £1000, which does sound a lot just for a wig, you can effectively dye and style them as often as you like, with regular trips to your salon for a make-over or just a tidy up. If you take care of your custom-made wig properly, they can last anywhere up to 8 months. There are tons of products you can use too to help maintain your wig as well as opting for the better-quality products like lace that is known to generally last longer. Your wig designer should be able to give you a list of what to do’s and what not to dos to ensure you get the most duration from your piece.

Step 5 – Get a free consultation

If you cannot find any prices on the website, they should at least offer a free consultation to be able to determine the cost based on your requirements. This consultation will also help you to determine whether or not they are able to create what you want. You can discuss your hair loss issue with them and what it is you want your wig to look like. If they are unsure or unable to do it, then it’s best to find another wig designer who can achieve your wishes. A good wig designer will discuss how they make the wigs, what materials they use, how they can use multi-tone colours to get your colour exactly right, they will also know an efficient amount of information about wigs and hair loss itself. They will be able to go through the process with you and give you a timeline of when it’ll be ready. It’s always a good sign if they have their own salon or premises that you can physically visit to get the right measurements of your head and then be able to cut, dye and style to how you want it.

Here’s a list of benefits of choosing a custom-made wig:

  • Cheaper option than hair transplanting
  • Can last up to 8 months
  • Made using human hair to look natural
  • You can dye, cut and style them as often as you like
  • You can’t notice it’s a wig compared to synthetic ones
  • They can be custom-made to your exact requirements

According to Oprah Daily, they’re researchers said if you’re looking for a natural looking wig opt for one made of human hair and lace and make sure you visit a pro! If you’re in Cheshire, Manchester or the North West check out Baguley’s of Cheshire, a prestige wig designer who has been specialising in custom-made wigs and the hair industry for over 25 years. He designs bespoke wigs for women, men and children suffering from all forms of hair loss. He offers a variety of options to suit all types of budges and requirements too.