For anyone doing SEO or for those who are interested in algorithm updates and what’s going down in the SEO world, here’s some SEO news from March.

Google rolls out ‘Full Coverage’ for mobile search

SEO updates and news - Google adds full coverage to mobile search

The purpose of the ‘full coverage’ roll out was to make it easier for users when reading new and developing news stories from a wider variety of publishers.

According to it works by:

“mapping the relationships between entities – and understanding the people, places, and things in a story right as it evolves. And then, organizes it around storylines all in real-time to provide “full coverage” on the topic searched for”.

You’ll notice the full coverage option when you go to the top stories’ carousel on Google from your mobile, they’ll be an option for full coverage. Have a look on your mobile’s now!

For more information on the full coverage roll out from Google visit


March’s Google algorithm updates…did you notice it?

There’s been a lot of talk about the fluctuations in rankings saw early in the month, which continued throughout March. Many SEO’s and their tools noticed the fluctuations which caused speculation that there was an update brewing from Google’s algorithm. It lasted for over 24-hours but then died down, tools however reported the following data:

SEO news and updates from Moz cast on ranking fluctuations

SEO news from SEM Rush reporting ranking fluctuations in March

Screenshot of rank ranger in March showing unsteady rankings

If you want to regularly check updates from Google, I’d recommend who give you all the updates without having to subscribe to anything. This is a snapshot taken from their site this month:

Screenshot of SEO news in March

As you can see there has been quite a few speculations around updates all through March! The latest was the 19th of March that reported algorithm tremors that indicate early signs of a Google search ranking algorithm update.

Watch this space guys! …If there are any updates we will inform you and also how it could impact you and your website.

Visit to view the full story.


 Have Featured snippets disappeared for good?

For those of you who are unfamiliar with what a featured snippet is, although I can almost guarantee that you’ve saw at least one, here’s what they look like on Google:

Featured snippets screenshot

Personally, I’m a huge fan of featured snippets when doing a personal search on Google. Optimizing your pages for featured snippets can be quite tricky to obtain and there can be a lot of competition to win them. However, many people have noticed they’ve disappeared? Someone questioned Google to ask where have they vanished to?

John Muller of Google, gave a brief explanation:

“I don’t know. …The featured snippets and rich results in general, those kinds of things can fluctuate over time.

And I know the teams are always working on those features and trying to fine-tune the triggering.

So, when we would show them or when we wouldn’t show them, sometimes the triggering changes over time that we just kind of reduce the threshold overall or that we change the focus a little bit and say like less here and more here. Sometimes that happens across geographies or languages.

But these kinds of changes from our side are essentially normal organic changes in search, how they can always happen.”

You can find out the full story of this on

They were the biggest bits of news, in summary the one most interesting are the fluctuations, suggesting an update from Google’s algorithm is on the horizon. We need to know what the update is and how it will affect us. We can then look at how we optimize our websites to fit in with the change.

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