Living in Manchester, we expect bad weather conditions even in summer but our winter months are particularly bad with freezing cold temperatures, icy cold winds and rainfall that could fill an ocean! These types of weather conditions take a toll on our properties and gardens, especially the concrete driveways, patios and slabs. Year after year they become more and more withered, cracking and discolouring, not to mention scaling and erosion.

There are however ways which we can try to keep on top of our concrete to keep it looking fresh and new, although sadly it can get to the final stage where replacing it all together is the only option.

Before you get to the replacing stage, you might want to try these tips first to see if you can get it looking ‘as good as new’. They say the best time to clean the concrete patio, driveway or slabs is Spring so it’s slightly warmer (depending where you are in England) and ready for summer!

  • Pressure washer or jet wash – if you have one, try to use it on medium pressure to avoid any further damage to your concrete but this method will usually wash away any moss, dirt and stains and works well with detergent as a soap too.
  • Baking soda or vinegar and a bristled scrub brush – I can imagine this is time consuming although the reviews say it works wonders! If the stains or discoloration hasn’t completely vanished repeat the process until it looks clean enough. You can find details on this here.

It’s not vain of us to want our properties, gardens and driveways to look tidy, modern and intact, it’s human. We like to show them off to our customers, family, friends and neighbours so we can feel pride in what we have and do. As a business you will want customers to see your premises in the best shape as this portrays how professional you are and gives a good first impression. Having an upkept premises and grounds can give bad signals and even put off customers or clients, likewise when we invite visitors into our homes.

Now if you’ve already tried these tips and the concrete still looks damaged and cracked from erosion then it might be time to consider replacing it. This brings on a financial concern if you haven’t budgeted for it but you can always save and come back to it next year or find a concrete supplier that is affordable. According to Earths Woop they say “A crack in your concrete may not seem like a big deal. In fact, you might walk over it or past it every day and not think much about it. However, when a crack appears in a piece of concrete, it requires immediate attention in the form of concrete crack repair. It doesn’t matter if this crack is in your driveway, sidewalk or patio, it can result in two major problems.”

The first problem is the crack expanding as weight and pressure is applied and weather conditions worsen. The second problem is safety and people including yourself getting hurt. You might think well I’m not going to trip over it I know where it is, but how many times do we get lost in thought and forget little things like this. It might actually be something that’s driving you mad and every time you go to put the bins out, you’re tripping up over the cracked slabs. In theory, its not worth anyone getting hurt over, is it?

If the concrete is beyond restoring through cleaning methods, then repairing or replacing it are your two options. Find yourself a reliable, honest and efficient concrete supplier who can save you time and money through their innovative ways and ethical approach, like Barrowcrete. They supply residential and commercial properties across Manchester, Sale, Timperely, Wilmslow, Hale and Altrincham with ready-mixed concrete. What’s unique and cost effective about their service is that Barrowcrete use the finest grade concrete that is mixed on-site in volumetric mixing trucks. The concrete is digitally metered to eliminate waste so you only pay for what you need. Not only do they save you money and materials but they can offer a same day concrete delivery too.

So, whether you’ve had enough and its a last minute decision, they’ll come out to you in Manchester anytime you need them and get the job done. As they have a fleet of volumetric trucks, they’re able to cater for any job no matter how complex and big it may be, making them perfect for any residential and commercial project. They can provide concrete for patios, driveways, concrete floors, paving and slabs, concrete walkways, terraces, garages, buildings and more. They can restore or replace your concrete in a timely manner, depending on how big the area is, it shouldn’t take longer than a few days. Their concrete service in Manchester is regarded as cost effective, time saving and convenient.