Hair Loss in Men

For men, hair loss can be daunting experience to say the least and overtime it can create anxiety and a loss of self-confidence. There are many reasons why a man may lose his hair, receding hairlines are one of the most common we find, even in young males in their 20’s. Alopecia can be another common one, along with hereditary or age-related reasons. Sadly, cancer treatment can also strip away a person’s hair with ongoing chemotherapy and radio therapy.

Who can help? work with hundreds of clients who have lost their hair due to all types of reasons. Their job is to provide every client with a unique hair loss solution that works for them by offering a variety of options which include:

  • Custom made men’s hair systems, hair pieces or toupees – contact them to discuss your exact requirements. can craft a hair system that uses either human or cyber hair and can be styled to your wishes.
  • Ready-to-wear hair systems that can be customed to your requirements – use their online shop to custom your hair system and order away.

How to use their online shop to order a custom ready-to-wear hair system

  • Go to the page:
  • Select from the menus, the hair category, length, foundation and hair colour that you require and select add to cart as shown below:

Screenshot of how to order a men's hair system on

  • Once you go through to checkout, you will be asked to fill in all your details:

  • You will also be able to review the details of the hair system you have chosen before purchasing:

  • They will always contact you after the purchase has gone through to go over all the details to make sure everything is correct and in order.
  • Below are some examples of the customized ready-to-wear hair systems have made for their previous clients:

Customised ready-to-wear men's hair system by

Ready-to-wear men's hair system custom made by

Ready-to-wear hair systems for men by


How to order a custom made hair system

  • They ask clients to send their head measurements or a mould of their scalp (you can request a video tutorial to see how this is done using clingfilm)
  • You can also send in the post a current or your most recent hair system/hair piece and they will use it to create a brand new, high-quality hair piece for you.
  • You can contact them on 07855952013 to discuss all your requirements, or contact via the website to arrange a free Facetime consultation.
  • They can discuss the type of hair you would like your hair system to be made from, either human hair or premium cyber hair.
  • Once they have all the details, they’ll begin custom making your hair system that will be sent you within 5-7 days to your chosen address.
  • Hairmail offer a 14-day money back guarantee
  • They’re also able to post your hair system to anywhere in the UK.
  • Below are some examples of the custom made men’s hair systems, made with human hair:

Men's hair system made with human hair


Custom made men's hair system made with human hair by Hairmail

If you’re considering investing in a custom-made hair system for men, Hairmail will provide you with more information so you can make the decision whether or not it’s the right choice for you. They also provide solvents, glues, and tapes to help maintain your hair piece.