Has lockdown impacted our health and fitness?

Lockdown this time around hit many people harder than the first. There have been studies and reports showing a rise in people with mental health issues including depression and anxiety.

Compared to the first lockdown, more people are sitting in watching the TV instead of exercising and enjoying active hobbies. According to the BBC, a large UK survey shown that, two-fifths of people have said they are doing less exercise in this lockdown than the first one in spring 2020.

40% reported doing less exercise, while 13% said they exercised more.

I thought about the reasons why our motivation and mental health has declined so much since the first lockdown and there’s so many different factors that have impacted us. Below are just a few examples of what has caused our mental and motivational declines:

  • The novelty has worn off – the first-time round we had energy to do activities and hobbies as we didn’t anticipate how long this would go on for.
  • We’re having to work longer hours – For some people, working from home has increased their hours and they are spending more time online and on the phone.
  • Gyms and fitness classes are closed – people are less motivated to work out at home or they have no access to right equipment
  • Winter – cold weather makes us want to stay in and hibernate (me in particular), rain and snow has made it hard to go out and do daily exercise
  • Mental health declining in the community – people are seeing others struggling and depressed which has a knock-on effect across the wider community

The difference of working out at home vs working out at the gym

Health and fitness are a crucial and fundamental part to our mental stability, we know through tons of research the impact and importance exercise has on keeping our minds healthy. Although many of us have tried continuing with our fitness routines, and while some may have access to gyms at home, the majority are struggling to keep up their motivation levels.

There are benefits to exercising both at home and at the gym. Your home allows you to work out whenever you like to whatever workout you want and you can blast the tunes as loud as they’ll go.

The gym has a different kind of benefit, as your socially influenced by everyone around you who can keep you motivated and going. You have friends at the gym you look forward to seeing and the trainers push you to do harder. You also have access to a wide variety of equipment, meaning you’re a lot less likely to get bored at the gym and you will train for longer time periods.

As there is an end in sight to lockdown, gym classes will be back up and running again from this month onwards. In the meantime, I looked at some popular cardio workouts you can do at home which should get your endorphin levels up to increase your mental state of happiness as well as helping to get you fit as a fiddle!

Body Pump

Benefits of body pump workout

Thanks to Les Mills on demand, you can access body pump workouts online from home and you only need a barbell plus some free weights to do it. Body Pump is one of the most popular workouts as it gets fast results, giving you a toned and physically fit looking body.

It combines scientifically proven techniques and moves that help you to burn fat rapidly. It’s a fast-pace workout but you exercise to pumping tunes accompanied by professionally trained instructors who can keep you motivated and push you to challenge yourself.

The added benefit of body pump online classes, mean you can choose from 3 different classes, either a 55-, 45- or 30-minute-long workout to fit in with your schedule. They have workouts ranging from beginner level to experienced and you can also choose the intensity of your own weights!

If you’re in Bristol, I recommend you check out Luxe Fitness Gym who offer virtual body pump classes as well as normal body pump training inside their gym when it reopens.


HIIT Step workout

HIIT Step is a multi-award-winning cardio workout that can burn fat and calories fast! All you need is a step and a bodyweight along with online access to do it from home.

HIIT Step is regarded as one of the most challenging workouts as it’s much more intense than a steady-paced cardio exercise. It only lasts for 30 minutes and you will be empowered by motivational music and personal trainers who will help you to forget the testing burn.

This is a super hard yet fun and motivating workout that will have you burning calories long after you’ve exercised. You will feel proud and accomplished after you’ve completed this amazing workout!

To book a HIIT Step class in Bristol or for more information on how this workout can benefit you, visit luxe-fitness.com/hiitstep-3/ .

GRIT Cardio

GRIT Cardio workout

This is a HIIT Workout at its finest, providing amazing results that can be seen in just 6 weeks! You can also lose up to 390 calories in just one session, and it will burn those unwanted calories long after you’ve worked out.

GRIT cardio is a 30-minute-long workout that uses several different body weights throughout the class to ensure maximum calorie burn. It’s regarded as a difficult class, although exercisers have said they barely noticed the burn due to the fun they have as it motivates you with lively tunes and highly trained fitness instructors. This full-body workout not only burns fat but improves your strength and cardiovascular fitness.

If you’re looking for a challenging at home workout that’s short but gets rapid results, I’d consider trying GRIT cardio class if you haven’t already. You will feel mentally accomplished as you enjoy this class from start to finish. This class is available virtually with Luxe Fitness trainers or you can join their gym which reopens on April the 12th.