When it comes to selling a house, the property market is one of the most competitive and it can be a long process before you get any interest or a sale. That being said, there are ways you can try to get ahead of the competition and stand out from the crowd.

With more and more people now looking online to buy a property, in fact 99% of people use the internet in their search, its crucial for you to be advertising on the internet. There are property agents like Rightmove which allow you to advertise on their platform for a fee so you can showcase your home to potential buyers. Giants like Rightmove receive a high amount of traffic everyday so your listing will get noticed if it has good marketing to go with it. Here’s why you should consider hiring a professional photographer to help you advertise and sell your home:

  1. Quality photos attract more leads

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The most important part of this marketing that users will want to see are the photos and videos of your home. If your home has good quality photos that showcase the property in the correct manner, your listing can attract up to 93% more leads. If you’re home has no photos, it will get overlooked by potential buyers and they’ll scroll past your listing. Having poor quality images that the buyers can’t see properly will give a signal to them that the home isn’t up to standards or there is something potentially wrong with the property and you don’t want it to be seen.

  1. Saves Everyone Time

The higher quality your property photos are the more likely they will get interest from buyers who in return will want to view the house. This also means you have a stronger interest from those viewers as they’ve already taken a liking to what they have saw. It cuts out any uninterest and helps the listing to gain online positive interest which will save you time as you’re only focusing on the strong leads.

  1. They have the expertise and equipment for the job

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Anyone nowadays can take a photo on their mobile device or if they have a camera, however these devices don’t always achieve a high-quality image. The resolution, lighting and contrast can sometimes be off and give a misleading visual representation. A property photographer will know what angels to use as well as being able to enhance certain areas using different lenses and lighting. This is why many estate agents tend to seek out a property photographer to do the job instead as they understand the value a good quality photograph of a house can have.

  1. They can create 360 virtual tours and videos

360 virtual tour photography from J Stock Photography in Hampshire

Photos are brilliant in helping you to attract interest from potential buyers, but 360 virtual tours and videos are even better. They allow the viewer to see the property in a fully immerse 360-degree view so they can get a real feel and true picture of what the home and rooms look like. The 360 videos can take the viewer through the property without them having to move from the comfort of their own home. Although photos are great, they do not display the level of detail 360 virtual tours and videos can.

  1. You can use your property photographs and 360 virtual tours across multiple platforms

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Once you have your all your property photography media in hand, you can use them across multiple platforms to generate even further interest. Not only can you advertise on huge property giants’ platforms like Rightmove but on your own social ones like Facebook. These can then be shared by your friends and family who may live in the same location or close by which helps you to reach a much wider audience. You can use them on Youtube and share the links. You’re chosen estate agent might arrange for a professional property photographer to come and photograph your home for you, then they’re likely to use the media on their own sites and platforms too.

In summary, as the property market is becoming more and more competitive it’s important to stay flexible and welcome new technology to get ahead of the competition. Property photographers will know all the latest techniques and have the most up-to-date and state-of-art equipment to get the pics up to a high spec. If you haven’t thought about hiring one already then you should! One I would like to recommend is Julian Stock, owner of J Stock Photography who specializes in property photography in Hampshire and Southampton.